"I am seeking a distant point at the origin of creation; where I sense a single formula for … all the forces surrounding us." Paul Klee

000 Verse 1

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My first verse is a representation of the zero-point intersection of axes x, y and z at co-ordinates 000. In essence it’s the idea of a 3-dimensional space stripped back and compressed to nothingness. Perhaps even truer, from a mathematical point of view, this is an attempt to portray the infinitesimal distance that separates co-ordinate position 000 (the idea of nothingness) from 001 (a smallest possible something). My first conceit being that a dimensionless point can be virtual (000) or it can be real (001), that is, the latter may be viewed as distinguishable from the former because it possesses a sufficient amount of nothingness to give it the attribute of location.

My second conceit, the amount of nothingness required to generate location may well be infinite. This being especially so if the idea is to be applied to the notion of a primal instant that gives rise to the universe, whose location is intrinsically a nowhere, originating a somewhere and subsequently, by definition, expanding to encompass the absolute of being an everywhere. This conceit being consistent with the geometrical idea of needing an infinite number of such points to constitute a line of infinitesimal length, an infinite number of lines to generate a plane and so forth.

We came to geometry. The teacher made a point on the blackboard, then erased it and said ‘That doesn’t exist.’ She made a row of points and said, ‘That’s a line and it doesn’t exist either.’ She made a number of parallel lines and put them together to form a plane and said it too didn’t exist. And then she stacked the planes one on top of the other so that they made a cube, and she said, ‘That existed.’

Buckminster Fuller, Rolling Stone Magazine


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