"I am seeking a distant point at the origin of creation; where I sense a single formula for … all the forces surrounding us." Paul Klee

014 Verse 10

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We arrive at co-ordinate 2 along the y axis, at the zero-point intersection of axes x and z. As already explained, in being the last verse of a five verse sequence this image is subsequently replicated by verse 020, the first verse in the following five verse sequence, to be found at co-ordinate 3 along the y axis on the zero pint intersection of axes x and z.

Speaking mythologically acquiring knowledge of the Tree of Life grants reunion or communion with the divine creator, eating its fruit, of necessity, is deemed irrevocable and transformative. There is no going back to a prior state of innocence. Just as exhalation follows inhalation, so each new breath serves to invigorate the power of creativity with the fruit of its creation. In the beginning it could be said that all things were possible, even the most improbable of all but once a course had been set, boundaries drawn and established, the outcome is predetermined and inevitable.

In the beginning the Big Bang created a universe comprised almost entirely of hydrogen, the smallest and simplest of atoms, comprising just the one proton with a single orbiting electron, positive and negative charges respectively. In being somewhat unstable hydrogen has a built-in urge to form molecular couplets – a function that may be intrinsic to the universal force of gravity, a localised contractive force to counter balance the generalised force of exponential expansion and the key to further complexity, ultimately leading to the emergence of stars, life and consciousness.

In fact the moment the alchemical cauldron of the Big Bang ratcheted up to the production of helium, the next largest and a considerably more stable atom, the primal event of creation switched itself off. The existance of the ninety or so other higher elements being entirely attributable to the entropic principle, being the product of stars undergoing decay, death and dispersal. Like flowers shedding seeds on the approach of winter, the process recommences with a return to the beginning that in the fullness of time gives rise to evolutionary forces.

For some cosmologists solace resides in the Anthromorphic Principle. Rather than accept the notion that our existance is the result of some grand fluke of chance or “gigantic miracle”, the emergence of order, systemic self-organisation and intelligence are understood to be an immanent quality programmed within the very fabric of reality. For Pythagoras and his ancient forbears, as with the I Ching and today’s scientists, the key to this enigma lies in the logic and form of number.


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